Traditional Ayurveda Treatment Therapies offered by us in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and NCR Region

Ayurvedic Massages


Ayurveda 1


Herbal oil is applied on the whole body and abhyangam massage is given on the seven different postures. Abhyangam massage helps to de-stress, relax, detoxify, rejuvenate the entire system of body, develop immune power, glow skin, improve blood circulation, increases strength, vigor & vitality and gives a sound sleep. Abhyangam massage is the basic application prior to all the herbal massages. We can call it as warm-up massages.

Starting from ₹ 1500

Ayurveda 2


For Ayurveda elakizhi massage Herbal potli is made of smooth linen cloth, filled with various leaves and herbal powder and ingredients. This special potli then soaked into warm oils are applied on the body. Ayurveda elakizhi massage helps to relieve of pains, spondylitis, back-ache, knee-joint pains, frozen shoulder and harmful toxins. In some cases Ayurveda elakizhi massage is used for obesity that is to reduce weight which varies from person to person.  

Starting from₹ 1800

Ayurveda 3


Navara is a type of rice, brought from Kerala for this special kind of
natural beauty therapy. Navara Rice is cooked in the milk and put into small linen pouches and then applied on the face and neck with special herbal packs. Ayurveda Navara facial  beautifully tones up the skin and helps to enhance beauty and give a long term glowing effect without any side effects. Navara facial once taken by someone will surely not go for the other facial massage, Ayurveda Navara facial massage is the most traditional beauty therapy of Kerala, which is widely popular in south Indian region.

Starting from ₹ 1000
Ayurveda 4


A Cleopatra royal message is applied to them who want to experience the essence of beauty of the age of Cleopatra, who was a queen of Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Mixture of sandal powder, rose pedals and milk are applied on the whole body for this traditional and historical Cleopatra beauty therapy which is very effective for fair complexion of the body and enhancing overall beauty. Very few people are ignorant about the extraordinary effects of these Cleopatra beauty therapeutic massages.

Starting from ₹ 2500
Ayurveda 5


It is often seen that due to pollution and various other reasons body is covered with tans and as a result of which the natural surface of the skin is damaged and smoothness of the body disappears. In this case body polishing therapy is very useful to remove the tans from the body and brings back the original brightness to the whole body. Body polishing massage also cools the body and protects from the overall dullness. Women always need this body polish before going to attend any party or ceremony, Now we have brought before the people of Delhi and Ncr to avail of this beautiful body polish therapy staying at home.

Starting from ₹ 2000
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