We provide Postnatal, Prenatal Massage and Baby Massage Services in New Delhi and NCR Region.

It is a fast growing sensible and responsible institute for caring mom and baby and women as a whole in New Delhi and NCR. It is a most professional home service provider for mom and baby and other women as a whole. It is exclusively known as providing prenatal, postnatal and baby massages with an affordable and economical price tag.

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We provide prenatal and postnatal massages and baby massages and take care of mother and to her baby, and give other services as well. We provide nanny services on the part-time / full-time basis in New Delhi and NCR.

Apart from New Delhi, very soon it is going to open its branches in Kolkata and Varanasi along with other cities, so that maximum number of mothers and babies and women may avail prenatal, postnatal and baby care massages throughout the country.

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Prenatal Massages

Prenatal and postnatal massages to mom and soothing massages with shower to babies.

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Provisions made available for Holistic treatment for arthritis, spondylitis, back-ache, knee joint pains by traditional massages with magic oils of Ayurveda.

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More Services

Bridal package for rejuvenation of health, beauty therapies, decreasing
abnormal tummy

Mother is the foundation of a family and baby is the future. When woman enters into motherhood, she gets a new life to spread her feeling, emotion and happiness to the entire family and to those who are directly connected with them. This time she needs extra care and support as per as her health is concerned.

The same way baby needs proper nourishment in growing their health ‘Massage’ through the ages give overall impact on the health of mom and baby. It helps in various ways to nourish, restore and revive the health. Massage is not a new invention; rather it is a traditional method of maintaining health not only to mom and baby but to all the sections of people of different ages under various circumstances.

But the technique has been changed time to time on the basis of scientific researches. Since I have been associated with spa industries including traditional Ayurveda system of medicines years together, and gone through the scientific process of training, we are able to apply the proper technique and method on mother, baby and other sections of women according to their needs.

One should keep in mind that the massage is not an application of strength, force and power. It is an art of manipulating of muscles and tissues to help them grow in a healthy way. An unscientific massage produces side effects, which are detrimental to the interest of health. Therefore come to us and travel through the world of massages and other services by a group of trained, staff members whose motto is to provide services with love and care.

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